Welcome to Star Trux LX


Once upon a time in a Galaxy far, far away, some years from now, the StarMart Federation opened up a chain of Galactic Super Stores which they need to keep filled with Earth chotskies for those poor fools that signed up for a government "experiment" to colonize baked and lifeless planets somewhere out there.  But, I digress.

You, my friend, are a Star Trux pilot, a sort of glorified forklift driver, except that your Trux has jet engines in back and a giant magnet in front with which you capture colorful pods loaded with those chotskies which you then have to eject into a StarMart space train bound for delivery to those crowded masses on Planet X.

On this gig, your promotions and rewards are based on how many pods you can capture and store and how quickly you can do it.  Time is money, even in outer space, and StarMart needs to make a lot of money to pay its lobbyists back in Washington so that they can keep an exclusive government contract as a chotsky supplier and fend off advances by super-store giant Starget.  But, I digress again.

This job isn't a cakewalk.  It's not for slackers.  You have all sorts of things coming at you trying to fulfill Murphy's Law:  space junk, comets and asteroids.  But, the worst of your woes come from those nasty alien pirates: Weenie, Ruthie and Meanie.  They are out to make your truxter life a living hell.  If one touches you -- poof.  You’re toast.  Plus, they drop mines all over the place that destroy pods. There's general mayhem as the clock ticks down and more and more pods get delivered which you, hero that you are, must stuff into those moving cars. 

But, enough of this drivel.  Learn what this game is really all about by clicking, well, About...or here.

Star Trux LX - The Back Story (more or less)